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IFX Market AND FX Solution | SCAM

IFX Market and FX Solutions 

As a trader in FX market, you should be fuly aware of market components and financial institutions there. As a large market, there are many brokers, clients, and banks. Every category of them has a certain number inside it. Each broker seems as an opponent for the other. It is a war like between them, each broker wants to grasp as large number of clients as it can for more advantages.
Seems as bad intuition, but this is the world of business, "survival for the fittest". And you have to accept and believe what you see to avoid confusion and bad psychological signs. 
In this war, the last battle was for the side of FX Solutions. Following up the news, we learned that IFX Market, a large well-known broker, was bought by FX Solutions! A big surprise that wasn't expected at all. And what is exotic here is that the capital of IFX Market is larger than that of FX Solutions. Besides, IFX Market has made good revenues during the last year, which makes from it a strange act to drop its business this sudden. Why should a successful, profitable, well-known broker like IFX Market relinquish all this to a broker like FX Solutions? And for what?
Adding to the mystery here, do you remember that millionaire who was disappeared and n o one knew the reason? That millionaire had accounts at FX Solutions with millions of dollars, and his disappearance was after funding his accounts there. But what we are sure about is that, there is no rational guy in all the world is willing to put millions of dollars in somewhere and leave them, even if it was for benevolence intentions (mark here, benevolence isn't made for brokers, it is made for those who are in need).
Many equivocal things taking place out there, and we need clear explanation for that. How can traders feel safe in a world full of ambiguity, suspecion, and vampires! Trade for innocent, clear causes, not for cruel and evil intentions. Why to make use of people's intentions for our own interest?
The essence of life lies in making lessons out of our experiences, not just living for nothing. And for FX traders, take care people, and don't trust any firm to deal with, or any guy doing nothing but just raising his voice pretending to say the truth, while we all know that he who raises his voice is doing that out of his weakness, while the right stands confident needless to fight.

The Latest SCAM RECORDS | ForexPeaceArmy

READ This Very Well Please It's Amazing email sent by Felix and I have receied it 3 times till now to pay in a wrong signals services as what happened in!!!

Are you from those movie admirers? If you are, so when was the last time you went to cinema? Don't be worry, the last movie has finally came. But there is a surprise here, you haven't to go to the cinema and reserve a ticket! because it will come to you wherever you are! Can you believe this? You can open your mail now and see.

The movie scenario will be sent to you and here you are the movie cast:

Location: FPA website
The author: Felix
The criminal: Felix
The victim: You
The director: Felix

And here you are the scenario as it is sent by Felix (the movie creator):

"This is Felix writing.  I am a full time forex investor and the founder of Forex Peace Army.  I have something very important to share with you that can either MAKE OR BREAK your forex learning and your forex trading success.

Running website for the last few years has been a very interesting experience, because it has made me realize all the corruption that's going on in the forex world.

It's by far the most corrupt industry I ever encountered.  I can't even tell you how many times I have seen brokers, big and small, refusing to release profits to traders, or outright stealing their money by registering fake losing trades on their account.

There are also have been many occasions of forex signals companies reporting fake performance.

There are companies who sell forex software that doesn't work, and they know it, so every few months when the word gets around, they repackage it and change the label of that software, and continue selling it, as if it's something new.

Forex Peace Army has a very large membership base, and we get lucrative offers from companies large and small all the time, offering us 50% of the profit in their business and more, just so that we could recommend them.

It would be very easy money for me to send you such offers every few weeks.  Let these companies do the work, and I can collect the hassle free check from them.  I refuse to do it, because I have a very critical mind, and lots of forex experience, so I see right through all the bullshit that these companies try to offer.

Some of them are even ranked 4 or 5 stars by Forex Peace Army members, but I find that many people leaving reviews are very na├»ve, because they don't judge the company by the amount of money they made with their product.  Instead, they judge them by the charisma of their educator.

Over the last few years, I personally started several "forex education" services.  I even ran one of them myself.  The common trait between all the services I started was that the educator was giving live trades to people, and he was explaining the reason for his trades.  This way the performance of the educator was pure and legitimate, and people could learn by example instead of by some bullshit forex theories.  In addition to that, the people could make money by copying the educator's trades, while they learned the ropes.

To be quite honest with you, there has always been a problem offering such services to people.  The problem was that the educators running these services, including myself, were full time traders, and had the luxury of watching the market around the clock, anytime they wished.  But the people that were signing up for the services had other jobs, and had lots of trouble finding time to follow the educator consistently.

In August 2008, something very interesting happened.  I was talking to a friend of mine, who like me, has been trading forex for a very long time, and who mostly has been making his trading decisions based on economic news that come out from different countries.  We were just talking, and I casually was asking him how much money he has been making, how much time he has been spending, what his average winner and loser have been.  So he started giving me all of his statistics, and to be quite honest, I thought that he was bullshitting me.

Since we were friends, I told him that I think he is full of shit, and I don't believe his statistics.  So he felt offended, and gave me login and password to his live account.  I looked at his real account statements, and realized that the guy was telling the truth.  I wasn't impressed with the guy's account size, it was a little over $100,000, and most successful traders and investors that I know manage millions.  But the point was that his trading statistics, in terms of the results for the amount of time he was spending trading were the best I've ever seen.  They were much better than my own.

So I told the guy that we can really capitalize on his amazing trading skills, and he can very quickly build up his trading account by sharing his trades with other people, and teaching them the way he trades.  He agreed to give it a shot, and I let him issue his trades and explanations in one of my live online conference room in front of around 50 people.  What can I say...over the last two months, the room attendance increased from 50 to 100 people, simply because people started telling their friends about this guy.

This guy started sharing his live trades and education in front of people since September 3, 2008, and through November 12th, 2008, he is currently up 2164 pips.  But that's not the best part.  The best part is that he only trades from 2:00 am to 3:45 am New York Time, and then from 06:00 am to 07:45 am New York Time.  70% of his trades happen between 2:00 am to 3:45 am NY Time, and the other 30% happen from 06:00 am to 07:45 am NY Time.  So it's only 1 hour and 45 minutes per session.

And like I said, this is not just another black box signals service.  Every time the guy places a trade, it's mostly based on market sentiment, and economic situation of the countries.  So every time a trade is placed, an explanation is given.  This way you only place trades if they make sense to you, and you learn to do what he does.  He holds nothing back, so you can go ahead, and learn the ropes from him, and then do the same thing on your own.

He types in the online conference room every trade, and every explanation, and we keep records of that in the members area, so if you ever miss a trading session, you can go back, and check what happened.

As I like to say, money talks, bullshit walks.  So I am not going to "pump you up" to try or to buy this service.  All you have to do is see detailed performance of this guy, and "pump yourself up" if you wish.  I am going to give you a link to the performance, and you will see that there is an offer to try this service for $29 for 10 days.  Don't click those trial buttons, because since you are a Forex Peace Army member, I wanted to let you try the service for 10 days for only $7, instead of $29.  And if you like it, you can stay for $299/month after your trial.  If you don't like it, you can even ask for your $7 back.  Obviously I am not interested in your $7, as much as I am interested that you see for yourself that everything I told you in this email is true, and you can become a member of this service for $299/month.

So here is the performance link:

As you read through the website, you will notice that we keep this trader's identity secret.  We just call him "Mr. X".  There are important reasons for this, but I don't think it's important for me to tell you those reasons.

Also, some of the people who have been trading with Mr. X over the last 2 months have submitted reviews.  So if you wish to get their perspective on the situation, you can read them here:

Okay, I think I have told you everything I wanted to say in this email.  The only thing left is a $7 special trial link.  DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK just yet.  Let me first tell you the way it's set up.  I only want Forex Peace Army members to sign up for this discounted trial.  So, this link will expire this Friday, November 14th at 11:00 pm NY Time.  In addition to this, this link is programmed in such way that as soon as you click on it, you will have 30 MINUTES TO SIGN UP.  After 30 minutes, the link will expire, and you won't be able to access it through your computer again.

So make sure that if you want the $7 trial, you are ready to pay with your credit card within 30 minutes.  Please also note that the way the trial is setup, is that after 10 days, if you don't cancel it, you will start getting billed $299/month automatically.  So if you don't like the service within 10 days, make sure to contact us through the form on, and request cancellation of your membership.

If you wish to receive your $7 back, you can also mention it in your request.  Of course, if somehow you forget, and you are late a few days to cancel the trial, so you get billed $299, we will refund you that fee.  My intention is not to get money from accidental forgetting here.  My intention is to find people that can trade during these times, so that they become legitimate members who actually use the service.

Okay, that's all I have to say about is the $7 trial (it will expire in 30 minutes after you click on it, read above)"

Woow..woow...woow, it is so impressive. Did you se how it is writen in an impressive way? What A wonderfull Forex Community! Is there any doubt about it?

For Sure after reading that mail, all of us have to remember the old movies and notice the new scenes and affections that Felix has added in his long movie that will end with a big SCAM! 30 minutes and this post will make a BOMB. SO be carefull while reading to avoid BOMBING there. 

In commenting on this scenario, you can categorize this story under a fairy tale or a science fiction story where there are a lot of non- logical events and it is very far from reality. After reading this mail well, how you can believe that Felix got the login and password of a live account of a friend of him. Even if he was his friend, how this friendship can reach the limit of denying personal rights to the extent that he gave him the login and password of his own live account, and for what? for Felix not believing him. A worse action for a worse cause! And imagine what? After Felix getting amazed of his friend statistics, he helped him to become instructor and famous too! And all what Felix wants is the benefit of all people that he makes them offer (you can think it is free) to try the service of his friend (which was Felix's idea) for $7 and get them back if you didn't like it! And besides, if you don't request them in your mail (and he used the term "if you wish" which is so ironic, and we all know that the expression "wish" indicates the two possibilities) of ending your membership in the service, they will start bail you of $299 automatically!! So, people please, please don't forget mentioning your $7 please, instead you will lose them forever and will be obliged to pay the double of 5 times double of them.

But what about you? will you accept the role of victim or will you leave this role in this new movie and lose the chance to become a movie star and may be taking the Oscar too for playing the role of the fool who is fooled by the biggest criminal mind in the web! I think when issues come to money, you have to think more than twice.

SpartanForexFund | | SCAM


Continuing the series of Felix projects on the web, there is another website added to Felix's catalog. It is not announced there that it is owned by him(though it is the biggest aspect of scam), but it can be read betwen lines. This website known as Spartan Forex Fund, 
Felix main intention behind building this website was to gather more wealth. Spartan Forex Fund activity is to make clients open accounts and take regular profit of 16% on their acount balance. This is too much similar to a bank account, in which clients put their deposit and take regular profits from it. It can be considered as private investment, but Felix knew well how to handle his business for his advantage.
Now if you visit this url you will find it closed. The website is close for violating privacy laws of Switzerland while they are origionally located in USA! Even in times of defeat Felix knows how to keep eyes away from him. The server really locates in USA, and it is written now in the website homepage that it is appended to Switzerland.
The website activity was ended due to discovering its real immoral activity. They intend to open accounts for clients and give them a certain percentage over it. But what happens after an actual period is that they suspend their accounts and there is neither a profit nor a deposit, meaning that clients lose all their money. So after a certain period, the website ended its activity for the reason published on the homepage (or may be Felix has become sated with the money he gained).
The strange thing here is that, this Spartan Forex Fund appears to be like a financial partner, but there is no single evidence that they have a money management agreement or any partnership agreement with any broker or financial institution. So how can it be? Or how traders could trust them and put their money there?
Isn't it enough for now to know all these scam cases of Felix and his partners? What are you waiting for to happen more than that? I think nothing worse could happen than succeeding in making a mafia online disguised behind a curtain where nobody can be able even to notice their black magic effects!

SigmaForex Case in FPA

Experiencing Forex trading is not easy to consider yourself that pro in a short time. And to have a good knowledge of the market and its components, you deserve to have a long time of experience to be fully aware of what may affect he market. And above all, it is important to be aware in cases like Forex brokers reviews, like those in Forex Peace Army. To know what to believe and what not to believe.

Among FPA scam cases, there is that story of Sigma Forex broker. First, the sotry starts with Felix claiming that SigmaForex and ForexGen are the both under different name. Then, he gradually runs to the stage that SigmaForex is linked to ForexGen.  And at last, the story is concluded, as usual, with a scam case of stealing one of their client's money.

And here you are the story in brief,

FPA scam investigations committee has recieved  a complaint from someone called, Hossam  Park. He was a client at Sigma Forex who opened an account with $2500 and after making profits, Sigma Forex refused to withdraw his money, and suspended his account and, moreover "ceased communicating with him". The reason FPA mentioned why Sigma FOrex has suspended Hossam's account was that "they changed their margin requirements on September 19th and that the trades were closed due to these new requirements. They said “our aim was to protect our account holders from any danger that may affect their investments.” 

The only comment should be written here is 'No Comment'. How a broker could change part of its policy and close all the trades without any concern of the traders or any alert for them. How can a broker ignore its clients easily and damage its business in this simple way. And what is really amazing here is that Sigma Forex could close Hossam's positions at the same price he got profits but this time he was losing. Oh, the luck was really so close to the broker that in two days they could make their client's profit turn into loss at the same price, meaning as if he didn't make profits at all.

Then, FPA ended the case or the story with a happy end this time. Seems like the director, Felix, wishes to make a happy ending movie this time, getting bored of all black ends done before. At last, Sigma Forex returns Hossam's money back and they are healed by FPA committee. Impossible as it is, isn't it? For the first time some one claimed to be scam becomes pure at the end!

This is significant in itself. First, FPA tried to show that a certain broker is a scam and puplished its case and let it under investigation. Then, after spotting light on it, they absolved it from being scam. A clear direct propaganda for themselves and it is clear in the comments made there, all members made the commenst are praising FPA and Felix. They are trying to prove that they are the eyes and hands of justice, that whenever the opposite of something is proved they will admit it if it is against their will. Innocent as they are! But in the side scene, their dark ethics are glowing.

Latest Victim | MoneyForex SCAM |

With Felix, even Money Forex becomes a SCAM. What a pity! Felix has been thought of as having the Oedipus complex but applied to Forex brokers. For he desires to kill all brokers for his desire for the market to be his own without any other partner, like Oedipus who killed his father to have his mother only for himself !

There in FPA's created committee, for making scam cases, Felix has created another story in his series concerned with Money Forex broker. FPA scam investigations committee has supported a story against Money Forex, claiming that a member of FPA called Edforex has been scammed by Money Forex. But again another fake name for an imaginable character and may be, a cartoon one. Edforex complained to FPA accusing his broker, Money Forex, of stealing his money by suspending his account because, according to him and FPA, he has made large profits of $100,000. But for Money Forex, they justified their suspension that Edforex has vaiolated their leveraged policy after he has been upgraded to a platinum account, whose leverage is set at 50:1, he still trading at his previous normal leverage which is 200:1. And thus, becoming suspended and is prevented from logging to his account.

As usual, FPA comes as the saviour and traders' angel and began in helping the so called victim of Money Forex, and guess what? One of FPA committee member, Tessa, made her calls and investigations with the broker and there was no response! And hence, FPA comes with their final role to claim that Money Forex is totally scam and advise traders to keep away from it,
"We strongly recommend traders not to do business with this company. We recommend withdrawing any funds and closing account you may have with them. We recommend against opening any new accounts with them."

In reviewing FPA review about Money Forex, there we found them nominating it as a SCAM, and also about 5 members reviewing it as a scam while about 3 others reviewing it as good if not among the best. Terrible!!! All the members that wrote on this thread have posted only one post!! why when I open any scam investigation in ForexPeaceArmy I see that?
The Normal Brain will say that 90% are fake members, just to make it hot and to show attention and attraction but in reality all of them are fake characters as Pharaoh. 100% Non of them is real trader and the proof is that if a real one posted something he or she will return again to reply it and share opinion. What a contradictory reviews full of strange claims without any single evidence like that of Edforex. Claiming that something bad is so simple, but to prove it isn't that easy. And because FPA don't have the proofs or documents to prove their sayings, it is hard to gather supporters around them, and so they make the posts by themselves to make it seem as they wish.

However, this is clear in the comments made on Money Forex scam case, for all at once believe and support the case. Besides, all comments are made in two days in sequence. One of the impressive comments there is that of Pharaoh where he wrote:

"Wow! Someone beat me to the helpful advice. Good job guys.
I'm not sure of MetaQuotes would really try to restrict sales to the worst brokers. I've read they have server side add-ins to help brokers cheat clients by manipulating slippage and requotes. Still, I guess it couldn't hurt to ask.
I can't condemn 100% of offshore brokers, but Craigmalm and Damir are right that you should be very careful with that sort of broker. A licensed, regulated broker can also rip you off, but it's less common."

As you know Pharaoh is the prisoner Robert Grespi that all the world call him the criminal as you see him always behind another name which is Pharaoh. I feel that he is a friad to show or to give his real name and I noticed that in many topics related to his contributions.

He is trying to build bad reputation for the MetaQuotes by saying that they have server side add-ins to help brokers cheat clients by manipulating slippage and requotes.

It's very popular between all forex traders that they are reviewing the charts between more than on Forex Broker and downloading more than platform to see the differences in the charts. Always for me and others we find that the difference is between 4 to 10 pips only and that is because the differences in the spreads between brokers.

Actually I don't know why Robert Grespi (Rob Grespi) is trying to kill trading principles. I think these days are not suffecient for such Idiots from FPA and it's servents. The market is full of gaps and unbelivable volume of losses in online forex trading.

The idiot is then saying "I guess it couldn't hurt to ask" without any kind of respect, without any kind of appreciating, without any kind of understanding and without ethical style of writing.

I hope that this Robert learn how to talk about "MetaQuotes", also I think that Robert made millions of Pips from using Meta Trader 4 as he said before and as Felix Homogratus saying in ;)

MoneyForex, Poltekfx, Saxo Bank, FXCM, FxPro, ForexGen, Interbankfx, AC-Markets,......etc are online brokerage firms and that is right. Did any of them persuade traders to fund or to open an account? I think No and for sure No. All of them are online and have websites, Bank Accounts and a platform and the trader has the freedom of opinion to choose one of them.

Read the Terms Of Services OR the Trading Agreement before searching about this broker in NFA OR FSA. NON of them will return for you the money in the SCAM Case.

when Forex peace Army write anti posts for the brokers there will be battle between the broker and the traders that are helping FPA.

I want to say that everything is online and not hidden behind another name like Pharaoh character, and all traders should read carefully the TOS before opening accounts to make sure from the terms that are listed that will keep thier rights in safe hands.

Felix Homogratus, Pharaoh, Robert Grespi, Dmitri Chavkerov, Damir, Tahir, Codezilla, craigmalm, Rashid, DesertRabbit and thousands of names, all of them should have a brand called "SCAMPEDIA" "Made In FPA".

We are investigating now with poltekfx and ForexGen to see what is the secret of this rumors that ForexPeaceArmy made to them.

MB Trading SCAM Case | Reobert Grespi

MB Trading Admitted that they are the biggest SCAM group in the web, I will give you proof from inside and outside the website:

- Have you read the trading agreement:

You Can Open this link and follow my post


(h) MBTF in its discretion reasonably deems it necessary for its protection, MBTF shall have the right, in addition to any other remedy available by law or in equity, to (iii) cancel any or all pending orders, refuse to accept new orders and/or refuse to enter into new contracts with Customer, all without liability on MBTF’s part to the Customer or any third party.

  • After Reading this all traders drew back and stop signing up for new accounts and for the traders that funded and added the deposits will stays years searching for the fund.

NFA will not solve the issue if you are not USA citizen because all rules are applied for the traders living in USA and citizens.

MB Trading don't accept USA citizens and this is the greatest surprise

"MB Trading after all the bad reputation Acquired EFX Group" and this was the greatest lie I ever seen.

EFX Group was acting as introducing broker for FXCM but they didn't mention that in the website. After asking Kathy (employee in FXCM dealing room) she said that EFX Group has no account with FXCM till now. WOW

Robert Grespi or Rob or Pharaoh has said before in ForexPeaceArmy:

SO, this reveals that they are owned by MB Trading.

And we have motioned before that MB Trading owned by Felix

So, EFX Group and MB Trading just a websites like ForexPeaceArmy, secretnewsweapon, alansforexblog, forexdiamond, spartanforexfund, wpips, kingforexsignlas, forexbastards,

ForexPeaceArmy Machiavellian Theory

According to Forex Peace Army rules, "the ends justify the means". Felix follows the Machiavellian theory in behaving according to his ends whatever the means he is using. And so scamming with no limits.

Felix, as a Machiavellian figure, is an arrogant self-centered person who wants to obsess all the market and let no one to float on the surface but him. And this is clear since when you search for Forex brokers, Forex scam, Forex reviews among the first results you can find Forex Peace Army.

The basic precept that Forex Peace Army is built upon is showing to all mass that Forex brokers are nothing but scammers and calling for all traders for stop using them.

Then, the yard will be clear and available for them only to be trusted. But such ways became old and people are supposed to be aware of such low-priced intentions.

If there is a court and Felix is going to be judged, he should be prevented and banished from carrying any business wither online or else. From my side, this is the slightest sentence may be taken against him.

ForexPeaceArmy Daily Forex Stories

First of all, I'd like to thank all those who corporate in revealing the truth and I'm announcing myself as a supporter to them.

Forex Peace Army is a real scam and I have my own case and reasons to say that. Unlike them who keep on claiming lies as if they are facts without any evidence to prove it.

First, I register there and didn't share my reviews because I didn't have much time to do that. But I was surfing there whenever there was a little time. Then, I discovered those guys real face when I received many messages telling me to participate in their forum and reviews many times. They are sending spam messages madly.

Then, I contact the admin and he denied this thing and didn't provide me with a solution or a justification. After that I found many forums and blogs speaking about those guys scamming methods and cases, and then told myself that is why I suspend them when they spam messages to me and that is good too for not sharing their blemish actions.

I feel that ForexPeaceArmy sell the leads to other brokers and get paid from them, can I know where is the privacy and creditability?

I feel that I'm the Trader cheese for the Forex Broker rats, that will swallow me after being eaten from the rats

God With You and Help to you to find the truth

Forex Peace Army Scam | Forex SCAM

Forex Peace Army scam cases become too much to close the eyes from. No one can ignore these idiots or let them abusing our great market. The problem is that people believe every rumor and FPA knows well how to convince people with their lies.

I don't know why the people still visit them and contribute in the forums, may be because people like the free services that forexpeacearmy provides in the website. BUT people don't know that they will be confused in a day. This day there will be an difficult mail saying xxxx broker is a SCAM and GO WITHDREW all your money

Felix and his companions share their saying in one review so, anyone enter the forum can be easily get convinced of the review written there.
And so achieving their sole aim which is to make clamor around the targeted broker or else.

But what should be notices here is that all their claims are spacious, in vain. Their lies and hatred are clear since there is no single evidence for what they are saying. And so, to me, it is too hard to believe all what they claim.

Forexbastards Begining And End SCAM Cases

A lot of noise out there, every moment I hear FPA scammed someone, Forex Peace Army has found some broker scam, Felix is arrested and a story of his black history.

I Fed up of those frauds called FPA. Every time I enter their forum I must find a new scam case, I must find all brokers are either bad or scam, and a lot of advices then: "stay away from…", "Don't ever deal with…", "Those…are scammers" etc.

I can't deny that at the beginning I was somehow deceived by their sayings, but after I tried it out myself and found them scamming the broker I was dealing with! I got to know their reality and my suspicions become true.

Just remember the start of and the main activity that they are running.
Just remember the arresting of Felix.
Just remember the governmental investigation.
Just remember the latest Credit Cards SCAM.
Just remember the wrong signals that ForexPeaceArmy provide each day.

What Do You Think About The END?

Escaping Of ForexPeaceArmy

Oh My God, Again IN The Same Day? Yeah In The Same Day !!

Strange System
This Is Not Attack

Do You Know What I'm afraid of?
I'm Afraid that those bastards are doing that to tell the clients that they are attacked.
I'm Afraid that they switched-Off The Lights to do something wrong with the clients details.
I'm Afraid that they are going to escape with Trader's Money.
I'm Afraid that at once you find a factious image called ForexPeaceArmy

In all My life, I like to care about others. But Those bastards didn't make something good to the people to care about them.
Who Know what they are doing now?
May be they are spending your money now on porn and erotics :(

I know about 314 Members in ForexPeaceArmy
I will follow with them and I will tel you about the latest news after hearing from them.

This Is What's We Called The BullShit

Take Care Of Your Info, Money, Mind and Your Trading

Attacking ForexPeaceArmy

Ohhhhh Again ForexPeaceArmy Not Working (For The 4th Time)
This Time I was browsing my account on paypal and I thought to visit ForexPeaceArmy to see what's new with those bastards and I found my explorer say:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

I smiled because of three points:
1- They Are Not Working.
2- They Will Say that some brokers are attacking.
3- They Have Problems

The Last Topic I mentioned some brokers like PoltekFX, ForexGen and e-Toro.
This Time I'm going to investigate with those three brokers to find and see the results with myself and I will post here everything.

ForexPeaceArmy are crying morning and nights because of my blog and they are saying that I'm related to ForexGen or PoltekFX. I don't care what they are saying about me and I don't care about them from all the directions. ForexPeaceArmy are hiding failures with another failure, so they can say anything to appear Legit beside Traders.
All The Forums Talking about the Governmental Investigation that was with Felix last week and I found many terrible realties about Felix and Rob.


All will be published here and in Google too. I'm working in some procedures now in my work to write about them in the Wall Street Journal that I'm working in.

I'm working also in a corporation between our Firm and Babypips, Fxstreet, Trade2win, ForexForumNow,,, MoneyTec and other forums to publish topics there under the name Today's Journal.


Be Lucky
Bye Bye

PoltekFX and ForexGen | ForexPeaceArmy

Wondering about those who are calling themselves Forex Peace Army, they are never sick of attacking others and their attack is reversed against them.

The last one was against PoltekFX and ForexGen. They claimed strange things and want from us nothing but to believe.

They couldn't prove that PoltekFX could penetrate their computers and send messages to the members, nor proving that all the blogs accusing them are of ForexGen.

What really amazed me is the way they handled their lie. They charge both with things without any proof, but how we can believe this or even get suspicious?

Every firm or brokerage has its own reputation and history that no one else can change. However, after I have read their new scam case, I went to the two targeted brokers and chatted with their customer supporters, The problem was that they have no idea about what happened and they told me that they will start their investigations and inform me with.
So, as it’s a normal result, Forex Peace Army last attack was nothing but a new scam way of their usual and custom work.

ForexPeaceArmy Stole Trader's Money

A proof that your money is not safe with the projects of Felix Homogratus Like:

MB Trading

Copied From FxStreet Message Inbox:

Yes people, those guys are right! I was a client at those bastards Forex News Weapon and after a period of time, I found my credit card is out of money!! All my savings are gone with the wind!

I checked my bank and spoke with amenable, but they have nothing to do for me because the money was drawn from my credit card, so it must be done by me. I'm wondering how they could penetrate my Card data and draw all this money.

But what I'm sure of is that those guys are criminals and I'll stand against them till there would be a solution.


Take Care From The SCAM

And Take Your Money Because It's A Real SCAM

They Took It From Your Credit Card And be a new victim of this SCAM


ForexPeaceArmy War
zzzzzzzzzzz | SCAM | zzzzzzzzzzz

Another trick of the professional scammers who became more famous than Ariel Sharon!

FPA scammers are always in search for every new lie to make non-stop propaganda for themselves on the behalf of others. They meet, compose their new story, then publish it and try to convince innocent traders with it, claiming that all their purpose is just to help them avoiding scams while they are themselves the biggest scams!

From a little period, Forex Peace Army website was so difficult to load for a couple of days. So, Felix and his duds imagined a story and believed it. They wrote that they were under attack during those two days (Governmental Investigation) so that no one couldn't enter the website. And they make mean reasons behind what had happened to them, and use innocent victims as usual to be their target in their new scam case.

First, they charge PoltekFX that they were the main reason behind the attack happened to them, which is in doubt of being true, and that is why no one could not log in to the website. They claim that the attack was from Russia, but wowww… Should any attack comes from Russia be from PoltekFX?! So, G.Bush should take care then from PoltekFX.

What shaken nonsense chitchat here! All what we have is just words, nothing more. They keep on saying that PoltekFX penetrates their computers with virus and so could make their website fall. And still no proofs till now.

Then, they shift to their second target in this case and start charging ForexGen with making blogs against them. But, why ForexGen and for what purpose it shall be? Then, they write:

"One of these blogs had some lies about Etoro. When an Etoro representative contacted the blog author, he tried to blackmail Etoro, demanding money to remove the lies. We can't prove that this blog is one of the ones directly controlled by ForexGen, but this sort of criminal behavior would be in character for a company that regularly steals from traders."

Well, still no proofs till now but babble. But what is strange here is that we find the design of Forex Peace Army, MB Trading, and Etoro is the same as if one technical designer has made these websites. You can open the three websites and see, for nothing has become strange these days.

Then, they find another crime to fabricate to ForexGen. They claim that ForexGen has sent thousand spam messages to FPA members, they write:

"Many of the messages were attempts to register FPA WebPages with different companies, and all the companies recorded as the IP of the computer that submitted the requests. We were not surprised to find that this IP is from Norway. ForexGen is also from Norway. This isn’t proof they did it, but we find this very suspicious."

But this time their lie is inadequate. They write "ForexGen is also from Norway" and the fact is totally opposing to it. How they can make up those lies which are without proofs and wait from people to believe and take their devilish side!

FPA keeps on charging great companies with fake and illusionary cases aiming for bringing them down. But the fact is clear that they are hiding their failure with another big, filth failure. They create angelic masks hiding their devilish appearance behind them, but couldn't hide their behavior. So, what do you think the new upcoming story shall be? Longing for my sleepy story…

Unseen Forex SCAM | ForexPeaceArmy

Forex Scam Design

Website Design may be default for many websites that use the same service (CMS) but what about if there are group of FOREX websites have the same design, same style, same articles spirit, same designer and the same bad reputation:

ForexPeaceArmy and e-Toro, MB Trading and EFX Group, secretforexsociety, forexdiamonds, secretnewsweapon, wpips, moneyguruforum

All of the above websites give me feelings that they have the same design and the same content manager and the same owner.

All of them run and switch at once because all of them operated under Felix and Robert Grespi, by the way I forget to tell you that Felix now established a new name "Sirpips"

SirPips is a wname start with arrogant word "SIR" but Felix (Gelix) couldn't be SIR even if he bough a country. We can name Felix with the Cowpips you know why?

Because Felix is fully controlled by Robert Grespi (Pharaoh). He is driven by Robert.
My be Yuliana is too driven by Robert Gresphi if Felix not able to……. :D